Trollimage is available from conda-forge (via conda), PyPI (via pip), or from source (via pip+git). The below instructions show how to install stable versions of trollimage or from the source code.

Conda-based Installation

Trollimage can be installed into a conda environment by installing the package from the conda-forge channel. If you do not already have access to a conda installation, we recommend installing miniconda for the smallest and easiest installation.

The commands below will use -c conda-forge to make sure packages are downloaded from the conda-forge channel. Alternatively, you can tell conda to always use conda-forge by running:

$ conda config --add channels conda-forge

In a new conda environment

We recommend creating a separate environment for your work with trollimage. To create a new environment and install trollimage all in one command you can run:

$ conda create -c conda-forge -n my_trollimage_env python trollimage

You must then activate the environment so any future python or conda commands will use this environment.

$ conda activate my_trollimage_env

This method of creating an environment with trollimage (and optionally other packages) installed can generally be created faster than creating an environment and then later installing trollimage and other packages (see the section below).

In an existing environment


It is recommended that when first exploring trollimage, you create a new environment specifically for this rather than modifying one used for other work.

If you already have a conda environment, it is activated, and would like to install trollimage into it, run the following:

$ conda install -c conda-forge trollimage

Pip-based Installation

Trollimage is available from the Python Packaging Index (PyPI). A sandbox environment for trollimage can be created using Virtualenv.

To install the trollimage package and the minimum amount of python dependencies:

$ pip install trollimage

Install from source

To install directly from github into an existing environment (pip or conda-based):

$ pip install git+

If you have the git command installed this will automatically download the source code and install it into the current environment. If you would like to modify a local copy of trollimage and see the effects immediately in your environment use the below command instead. This command should be run from the root your cloned version of the git repository (where the is located):

$ pip install -e .